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Had a great season doing comic-shows in 2019. This was the biggest year for me and my Dad as we partcipated in 6 different shows! It's been fun meeting everyone and getting to do a bunch of cool commissions. We are starting to plan for next season. I'm so excited!

My Gallery

Simple, to the point, My Gallery. Here is the latest works that have spilled out of my brain and through my figures onto the digital screen. Heck some have even come from using old fashioned pencil and paper! I know, who would have thought.

About CoffeeFox2K

A little glimpse into what makes CoffeeFox2K (Kayliegh) tick. Yes coffee is involved.


I'm a Jedi, like my father...or something like that. I have drawn my whole life. Making art makes me happy. Until I start the next piece and then hate the last one, just like my father.


I draw every day, sometimes on my computer other days in my skecthbook (I have tons). The daily ritual is part practice, part theraputic, part the simple need to create.


I love coffee! And scary movies, video games, cartoons and cosplay. My happy pups, my handsome bearded dragon, my adorable little sister, my loving parents and my wonderful beau!


You can almost hear the pulse pounding in my ears. Art and music go hand in hand in my world. I like a little techno, a little metal a dose of punk and classic rock. Anything with attitude


My main weapon in the digital world is my Microsoft Surface. Simply love being able to draw right on the screen. My Surface acts as computer, TV as well the coolest tablet around.


Manga Studio, SketchBook, Adobe Photoshop, these are the paint for my brush. I interchange them based on the project, like switching from colored pencils to copic markers (I use them too).

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